January 21, 2014

M is for...

M is for...

M is for... by ohsaywhat featuring a spray perfume
Well of course we all know what M is for in this case, but seriously I am loving this whole  maroon thing and quite honestly I think I might just  be taking it a little to far, so after today I will change it up. I actually did change up my look today and I wore blue harem pants from Forever21 with a black crop top from Rue21, but more about that outfit a little later. I will be sure too post that outfit because it was a nice comfortable classroom attire. Anyways, until next time! Be sure to subscribe by email to keep up to date and follow my instagram @nascentstyle! I will be back with another post sooner than you think! :)

Flare skirt

Crossbody satchel purse
$99 -

Jane Norman necklace
$16 -

Yea Nice beanie hat

Spray perfume