December 31, 2013


Hey Everyone!

As of this very moment it is 10:53 P.M 12/31/2013.

I just want to "Blog"  before we enter the new year. This is really just so I can look back 365 days from now and see exactly what I was thinking at the time, and to remind myself that I made a promise (to myself and I will keep it.)
I never make new years resolutions, however now that I am twenty years old and consider myself an actual adult I decided, hey why not?
They are not resolutions, because I feel that people just get so caught up in that aspect of the new year and that is something I will not do.
however, there are some things that I wouldn't mind improving on and why not start off fresh in 2014?

Most important:

  • Talking to & improving my relationship with the Lord.

Also, I want to incorporate the following into my everyday life:
  • Listen...really listen.
  • Be as open as possible.
  • Make peace with my past.
  • I want to forgive, forgive, forgive those who have wronged me.
  • I will let  my mouth be ruled by the law of kindness.
  • I will take responsibility for my actions.
  • I will NOT waste time fighting for things I cannot change.
  • Work on bettering myself as a young woman. Physically, Mentally, and Spiritually.
Not really resolutions, but changes that, if made, wouldn't hurt. I claim all positive things in 2014. I claim it in the name of the Lord, so it shall be mine.

Hope you all are having a wonderful new years eve! It's 11:17 here. (Once I typed everything above up) So technically it is still 2013, however I know it's 2014 somewhere so with that said I hope you brought it in right!
That is all for the night. Be Well!