About Me

Hello, I'm Raquavia, the face of this blog.
I am twenty years old and currently a student studying at a big university, somewhere ;)
At one point in time I was really in tune with social media then I had an epiphany I didn't need it! However, I have joined some social media sites because I was being inspired by everything around me so I figured why not share this inspiration? So with that said I joined Instagram because that was the obvious place to share my inspiration. I then decided I would blog about my Inspiration and that is how my blog got started! :)

Now, I am trying this new thing called Youtube, ever heard of it? Well  vlog on there so you can see me in my everyday mode. I try to post but it is kind of hard to keep current, but I try! Feel free to subscribe, I would love it if you did and truly appreciate it. I hope I can brighten up you day when you come to visit my blog or channel. Until then Be well!