December 29, 2013


I'm on a role with this blogging thing and whatnot, my next venture I want to embark on is getting my youtube channel up and running. I really just want to show the world the clothes I have bought, because my heart smiles a little bit each and every time I go shopping and buy an abundance of clothes. I think I will film my first video, (which I plan to be a massive haul) once I get back home from this "Vacation" I really hope 2014 Is good to me and I cant wait for all of this. As of today, nothing special really happened. I ruined my brand new comfy leggings when I dropped hot candle wax all over my cousin and myself. :/ But its just clothing Right? :,(
SN: At this very moment I have an abundance of Ideas running through my head right now at 1:26 a.m, oh how I wish I was this creative during the day while I am wide awake. -.-

I am actually getting kind of sleepy right now. Make sure you stay tuned later on today I have an Interesting post set to release at 11:30 a.m.
Please feel free to comment and whatnot(:
Until then, Goodnight.